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"Better than I anticipated. I work on my feet all day. Now I don't have to beg hubby to rub my feet!! This is wonderful!! I truthfully have had it on my feet for 3 hrs straight now!!! Only wish I got for each foot!"

"I recently bought the Squeeze Reliever to combat some aches and pains I was feeling as a side of medication. It worked great for me ... just what I needed. Other family members who have illnesses in which joint pain have tried it and liked it too. Definitely a great help if you have pain that you need massaged out. Would definitey buy again."

"My son loves the Squeeze Reliever and he uses it daily. He is 20 and has autism and has always loved to be squeezed. His hand, feet, body all welcome a good tight squeeze. Thank you for your wonderful product."

"I love this new product and I am happy with it. I go to the gym and when I was doing push-ups and planks the palm of my hand became sore. I used the squeeze reliever and the soreness is gone. It feels so good like having my personal message therapist. It is adjustable and easy to use. I also bought the adapter so I didn't have to worry about batteries."

"OH MY GOD...Got my Squeeze Reliever yesterday and I can't stop using it! I have fibromyalgia and plantar fascitis and everything hurts. The only thing that comforts me is compression therapy. I have been using it on my heels, toes, wrists, fingers, calf muscles, elbows. Its addicting!! It feels so good! I will definitely recommend to all my friends."
-Missi H.

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