New Innovative and Affordable Massager, Squeeze Reliever, Launches in Time for the Holidays

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The newest product on the market comes in the form of an innovative "pressure therapy massager". The Squeeze Reliever is an affordable and portable, squeezing massager that provides immediate temporary pain relief for an array of discomforts utilizing "pressure therapy."

NEW YORK November 12, 2013 - Ideas Space Time Inc. has just launched one of two of their latest products; the Squeeze Reliever, The innovative Squeeze Reliever is a portable, squeezing massager that provides immediate pain relief for bunions, arthritic hands and feet, carpal tunnel syndrome, sore hands/feet/muscles and tennis elbow.

"Our new product offers a unique method of temporary pain relief of several different ailments," says company president, Julie Fehring.

The Squeeze Reliever, which is patent pending, has pressure therapy air pillows that expand and contract to provide a squeezing motion that is similar to a squeezing hand. It has adjustable pressure, speed and height to customize to exact needs. It also includes a vibration feature for further comfort. "Just Squeeze It and Relieve It!"™

The Squeeze Reliever is perfect for people who are on their feet all day: nurses, teachers, sales persons, hairdressers, etc. "We recommend using it after hiking, jogging, and skiing to relieve foot pain. Even for those who work in construction or at the computer keyboard all day, the Squeeze Reliever is perfect to relieve hand pain or tightness," says Julie Fehring.

To see more about the Squeeze Reliever, watch the video here:

Disclaimer: This product has not been approved by the U.S. FDA. It is not intended to cure, treat, diagnose or prevent any disease, symptom or condition.

Owned and created by Ideas Space Time Inc., the Squeeze Reliever is an electronic portable massager that helps relieve immediate pain from bunions, arthritic hands and feet and so much more. For more information, please visit:

Julie Fehring
Ideas Space Time Inc.

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