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How is the Squeeze Reliever different from other "massagers"?
The Squeeze Reliever has an innovative open design that provides multi-functional capabilities for a variety of ailments. It utilizes "pressure therapy" via two facing air pillows that inflate and deflate like a squeezing hand. You can adjust the amount of pressure, speed and height. There is also a vibration feature for greater comfort.

What is the distance between the deflated air pillows?
Four inches when adjusted to the most open setting, which allows for use on hands, feet, wrists, ankles and elbows of most people.

Does the Squeeze Reliever use batteries or an AC adapter?
It uses both and it can be ordered with the AC adapter included.

Is the Squeeze Reliever a heavy, bulky product?
No, the Squeeze Reliever is lightweight at 2.3 lbs. and can easily fit into most carry-on luggage.

Is the Squeeze Reliever suitable for use with people with Autism?
Yes, the "pressure therapy" aspect of the design gives Autistic users a sense of calm while using, according to our product feedback.

What conditions does the Squeeze Reliever offer temporary non-drug pain relief for?
Bunions, arthritic hands and feet, carpal tunnel, sore hands/feet/calf muscle, tennis elbow, Autistic symptoms, Fibromyalgia symptoms and hand pain due to chemotherapy.

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